Marketing Tools and Resources

As many people ask me... here are the tools that I used to start and get successful into ecommerce dropshipping... enjoy!

There are many ways to a side hustle, and when I started I was looking at these options:

  • Blogging, YouTube, Social Media Influencers
  • Affiliate: Clickbanks, Amazon, other brands
  • Arbitrage> eBay, Cragilist, Amazon, etc
  • Ecommerce:
    • Importing
    • Dropshipping

I decided to go with Dropshipping... here is why:

Dropshipping basically consists on selling products from a manufacturer, but when someone buys from you, you send the order to the manufacturer and they do the rest... easy! Here some of the benefits:

  • Low starting costs vs a physical business
  • No inventory costs
  • Location independent
  • Testing ideas and products is easier
  • Easy to scale/grow
  • You are building an asset that you can sell

There are different types of Dropshipping though, some people sell small ticket items and others do large ticket items. When I started, I just wanted to hustle to cover my bills with the lowest effort, so this was my analysis:


So I decided to go with large ticket items as I wasn't going to have much time so I thought that it was making more sense to focus on selling a few items rather than many (because the more sales you have, the more headaches, potential complaints, issues, etc) 

How did I learn about Dropshipping?

I found Anton, the founder of DropShip Lifestyle and I got into his model, he has a mini training that I'd suggest you to take:

Where did I build my store?

In Shopify, because it is super easy, you don't need a developer and it works amazingly well!

Use my affiliate link and get a 14 days trial plus I'll reward your love with some marketing tips, shoot me an email

Shopify allows you to customize your store using themes that will determine the storefront looking and some of the functionalities. There are free themes and premium ones. You can have a look at the Shopify Theme Store in here.

I personally use Shopitimized, which is an incredible theme and already optimized to increase conversions. It might look like expensive compared to other Themes or even the free ones, but the reality is that you will be saving hundreds or even thousands of dollars in the long term as this theme already brings many functionalities that otherwise you need to buy extra on the free themes, and it also helps to convert customers which means more $$$

The 3 licenses package is great as you can use it for multiple stores, or buy it and share with friends and it is only $20 more, and it also brings a marketing training. Great deal!

If you need to create a Logo for your new Branded Store I'd suggest going with SEOClerks where you can hire freelancers and designers for a few bucks, another option is Fiverr

Another tool that you might find handy, especially if you are going to test products from Aliexpress (the low ticket items models that I was describing above) is Oberlo, which allows you to import products directly from Aliexpress into your Shopify store and it makes things really simple when doing this business model (dropshipping small ticket items from China for example)


And these are the best tools to start... let me know how it goes and if I can help ;)