Why and How I got into this...

January 1st, 2016...


I thought that I was living the American Dream, I am from Spain and after many years busting my ass, studies and work I was living in American and doing a well paid consulting job, and I also had a large student loan... the American Dream was ok, but it wasn't that great as I thought...


New year’s eve 2016, I was having dinner with friends from school and one of my friends, said: I wonder, who of our friends is going to be successful or will make something big of themselves…at that moment, I felt like I had an out of body experience  and I looked at myself, and I thought… it’s NOT going to be you, because you have a normal job, and a normal life and you aren’t even trying to do something else…


That particular moment impacted my life and I decided to start taking actions and taking control of my life… the reality was that what I thought was my dream, working for a large company in USA, wasn't something that I was enjoying anymore... I wanted to do something on my own, but I was scared, I didn’t know how to start, I didn’t have a great idea either…

That night that changed everything


But I was determined to do something and that is how I started learning about digital marketing, ecommerce and dropshipping... after more than a month working nights and weekends while working on my not so fancy consulting job I had an ecommerce store ready to launch... I was so excited and I was ready to sell… but now what…


No traffic and no sales, does that sound familiar to anyone? 



So let’s think about this for a second, you just launched a new website on the internet and you are running ads, so you might get some traffic… but why someone would buy from you? nobody knows you, how do they know if you are legit… you haven’t built trust in the market yet, right?


That’s when I realized that I needed to change my approach… so I started alternative ways of getting traffic:


Influencer marketing, content, social media and email marketing… And that is how I was able to build successful businesses that actually sell


Here is when I got to sell $100k in about 6 months



As I mentioned before I was using influencer marketing or bloggers to build trust and get traffic and here I detailed my strategies



After this, as my business was growing and more people were interested I got featured in the Ecom Fire Podcast


And now that I have been building successful ecommerce businesses of 7 figures I help other entrepreneurs to get into the game and to grow their businesses. Sometimes they also invite me to some events.


Local events:


International Conferences:

jose luis marin speaker at dropshiplifestyle retreat


Tell me your story and let's talk about ecomm and digital marketing.


JL Marin